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Skeptics are everywhere. But no toothbrush I have ever used before comes close to the UltraBlu toothbrush. This is not just some generic blue colored light. For example, when brushing with it, there is a cleaner result than with the electric toothbrushes. It feels like I had a professional teeth cleaning session! It loosens plaque in between teeth like I have never seen before. This is the first toothbrush that I would call exceedingly effective. I use it for treatments of minor gum pain or swelling and it heals minor gum abrasions and swelling, sometimes over night.

Michelle Brezae


I completely stumbled across this product by accident, but am I glad I did! I just can not believe what a great job it did! At 54 years old who smoked from the age of 14 until Jan. of 2013 & drank at least a pot of coffee a day, my teeth are so white! Buy this product!

Julia A


I have Pemphigus Vulgarus disease and could barely brush my teeth because of the pain. I have used the UltraBlu toothbrush now for 6 weeks with amazing results. My gums have done a huge turn around. I actually have my smile of confidence back. They were so impressed when I went to the dentist. Only very small red spots left and I think if I really did it (the light) 2-3 times a day like I should, the most tender spots would be better too! Thank you for developing this wonderful tool!



It really works, thanks! I purchased the Advanced Blue Light Toothbrush right before Christmas and it really works. I went to the dentist on Friday and the hygienist said I was taking care of my teeth very well, and I did not have very much tarter. A big change, I usually go for my periodontal maintenance every 3 months, now after using the Blue Light Toothbrush my dentist has changed my maintenance to every 6 months. I would like to order 6 more for my family.

Betty Hollmann


After using the UltraBlu toothbrush for just a few weeks, I got a great review from my dental hygienist and my dentist. I listened as my dentist took pocket measurements, and he was saying to his assistant: “One, one, two, one, one, two, three, one, one, etc. I was quite pleased that I heard only 1 “three,” where a few months ago I had heard mostly two’s, threes and a four.

My hygienist commented the following week that my gums looked good, and that there was no bleeding. In just a few weeks, I have seen an improvement in my breath and the general over-all health of my gums.

Thank you very much for a great product!

Hugh Thomas – Missoula Montana


Just thought I would drop you a note as I just got back from my dentist appt yesterday. I was having issues with bacteria and irritated gums from lack of flossing, and hard to brush areas. My dentist indicated that my teeth and gums looked great, and to keep doing what I am doing. I have to be honest I haven’t flossed that much, so the blue light technology really has made a big difference in keeping my teeth and gums healthy. It works!

Daniel Croke


I LOVE my toothbrush! It was given to me by my dentist as a trial…I have been telling everyone about it. My dentist says it’s amazing the difference it’s made on my gums. Now, I am ordering one for my husband and one for my son.. Thank you UltraBlu!!!

Amanda Spiller


We bought 2 UltraBlu toothbrush about 3 months ago and have noticed a big improvement in our gums and would like to know how we can order 3 more for our grand kids. Thanks.

Marge Dhayer


This product really works, I have seen a significant improvement in the white color of my teeth in the month I’ve been using it, I definitely recommend this as a great holiday gift for the price and the quality you are going to get as an oral hygiene product.

Neil Allen – Brooklyn, NY


This toothbrush really works. I have noticed a difference in the fact that my mouth feels cleaner. My dentist has also noticed a improvement in my gums. No more bleeding and a lot less plaque.

Craig – Fort Thomas, KY


Makes your teeth feel clean and smooth. I have personally received very positive feedback from my dentist regarding improvement in my gums. The bluelight has been really effective.

Dan C. – San Diego, CA


The brush with the light makes teeth feel as if they have been cleaned by a hygenist. Teeth feel cleaner longer. Pockets that I had previous are smaller and or gone.

Steve – Placerville, CA


I was skeptical of this product when i first bought it. But after the first use i can truly say i felt a significant difference in my mouth. My teeth stayed smoother longer and cleaner.

Richie – Orlando, FL


I have shared my excitement about the UltraBlu toothbrush with my sisters, who have each purchased one! I am going to my dentist in December 2013, and I think he will be very surprised. I had many pockets… the hygienist was all for sending me to a periodontist which would cost thousands of dollars, really! Been there, done that! I found the UltraBlu toothbrush in July by researching the NET, and it has already done wonders. I have one sensitive area left, and it seems to be getting better every day.

Jane V – Raleigh, NC


Everytime I go to the dentist my teeth keep getting stronger and stronger. I had the best apt ever a week ago no bleeding and I can tell my teeth feel better!! These are so worth it! It has a blue light which helps the gums and has an automatic timer of how long to brush. My dad bought this about 3 yrs ago and ever since then my teeth get better with every visit to the dentist.



I received the UltraBlu toothbrush a few days ago and love it! First of all it is fun to use. The design is comfortable in my hand and just the right weight. The long and flexible bristles do a good job and are comfortable on teeth and gums. Oh yes, the blue light is great and I can’t hardly wait to see if my teeth and gums improve. This is a great product and my remarks are totally my own. You will be pleased if you get your own UltraBlu!!

Virginia Boyd


I used to go to my dentist for my teeth whitening treatments. I have been using your toothbrush (UltraBlu) now for 1 year and my teeth stay nice and white without the dentist whitening treatments. It has saved me money and aggravation. Thanks for this great product.

Alice J


I love my brush. I have been using my toothbrush now for 4 weeks and have noticed that my teeth are much whiter and my mouth feels cleaner.

Mary Sizemore


I started using the UltraBlu toothbrush during the 5th month of my 3rd pregnancy. Where gum bleeding can be a normal and frequent problem for pregnant women when brushing their teeth, I am thrilled that I haven’t seen any of that with UltraBlu. Plus, I love the way my teeth feel even six hours after brushing. Even after coffee, breakfast, snacks and lunch, when I rub my tongue along my my gum line, it feels just as it does after a professional cleaning from my dentist. Bonus? My kids get a big kick out of seeing the blue light glowing in my mouth!

Nicole A., Towson, Maryland


I am very pleased with the UltraBlu toothbrush. My teeth feel strong and nourished. It did make a good difference as my gums seem to be getting healthier. They are not as sore or inflamed. I am very satisfied.

Ellie Cocomazzi