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Oralucent partners with dental professionals who are committed to providing their patients with the latest innovation in oral self care.

Oralucent’s multi-patented toothbrush harnesses the science of phototherapy to boost the benefits of daily brushing.

Blue and red LED light travel easily through the crystalline matrix of enamel, even between teeth and under the gumline, delivering gentle yet powerful therapeutic benefits. Empower your patients’ with a whole new level of clean and bright between dental visits

Kills germs

Improves gum health

Freshens breath

Whitens teeth

Exclusive Offerings for Dental Professionals

Partner with Oralucent to encourage brilliant home maintenance between office visits. Your patients will thank you.

“I recommend the Oralucent toothbrush to my patients. As a gum specialist, protecting my patients’ teeth and gums is a top priority. Blue light technology has been shown to target harmful bacteria that cause gum disease, while simultaneously whitening teeth.”


The Evolution of the Toothbrush

The Oralucent Advantage

Powered by gentle light therapy

  • Blue light selectively targets pathogenic bacteria
  • Redlight increases circulation and reduces inflammation
  • Phototherapy penetrates between teeth and even below the gumline 
  • Light-activated amplifying O2Gel whitens below enamel surface, without abrasion

Standard electric

Powered by mechanical force

  • Simply displaces oral bacteria
  • Doesn’t stimulate innate healing properties
  • Can’t reach areas between teeth or below gumline
  • Uses abrasion to scrub topical stains only

The Science Behind Oralucent


Blue light phototherapy has been used safely and effectively in dental offices for decades. While blue light is well-known for its teeth whitening properties, many people are unaware that visible blue light is also used in many antimicrobial therapies including acne treatment, wound healing, sanitation and even against antibiotic resistant bacteria like MRSA.

Dental researchers have demonstrated in at least 16 clinical and scientific studies, the ability of visible blue light to eradicate specific strains of harmful oral anaerobic bacteria with efficacy being dependent on the blue light intensity, wavelength used and length of exposure. In-vivo human studies show that daily use of blue light in the mouth provides continuous suppression of pathogenic oral bacteria and results appear to be cumulative over time.

Porphyromonas gingivitis

Fusobacterium nucleatum

Provotella intermedia

This includes suppression of pathogenic bacteria such as; porphyromonas gingivalis, fusobacterium nucleatum, and prevotella intermedia that are responsible for plaque, bad breath and gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontal disease. Furthermore, phototherapy studies showed that blue light suppresses specific strains of bacteria known to produce volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) the odorous substance that leads to bad breath and halitosis.


Red light wavelengths have been shown even by NASA to stimulate circulation and cellular renewal, reducing inflammation as the body’s natural healing response is activated. Red light has the remarkable ability to soothe and strengthening gums – the very foundation of healthy teeth.

What the dentists are saying...

“This is the most exiting technology I’ve seen in years. My patients have been eagerly awaiting.”


“I see the significant benefits of blue light technology in a toothbrush – it has been shown to target harmful bacteria. If teeth are cleaner and have less plaque, inflammation and the chance of decay are reduced.”


“The proven technology of light therapy will help maintain periodontal health in between dental visits - without a change in routine.”


Gum disease has become a universal problem among adults—an issue that risks or results in serious health consequences (and far too many hidden smiles).

It’s time for an advanced approach to daily oral care.

With 8 out of the 10 leading causes of mortality in the US (including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, lung disease and osteoporosis) already linked to harmful oral bacteria, it’s widely acknowledged that a healthier mouth can lead to systemic health.

“The oral cavity might well be thought of as the window to the body, as oral manifestations accompany many systemic diseases.”

– Journal of oral maxillofacial pathology, 2011

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