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Rediscover your radiant smile

Shine to your fullest again with the breakthrough toothbrush that puts the healing power of professional light therapy in your hands.


Brilliant benefits every time you brush


See your smile improve from the inside out.

If your smile is suffering, you're not alone.

Life naturally takes a toll on our mouths. From sensitivity, gum inflammation, and teeth discoloration, adults struggle to keep their smiles looking and feeling good. These issues can potentially result in serious health problems (and far too many hidden smiles).


suffer from gum disease


struggle with bad breath


feel insecure about their smile

It's not your age...it's these buggers. Which are actually linked to 8 out of 10 leading causes of mortality including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and COPD—so you want to knock them out, stat.

Think age is the culprit?
Think again.

A decaying smile isn't simply an outcome of growing older. The real problem is harmful oral bacteria going unchecked in your mouth and throwing off the healthy balance.

THIS is where you need to focus your efforts to shine like new again.

Finally, there's an easy way to get your sparkle back.

You don't have to be another dental statistic. Now you can turn troubles around and realize healthier teeth and gums-simply by brushing 2x daily with the most brilliant new advance in oral self care.

Oralucent is designed for people with sensitive teeth and gums. With soft perio-friendly bristles, 5-adjustable motor speeds, and an optimal manual mode, everyone can experience the benefits of phototherapy.

Introducing ORALUCENT

The patented multi-benefit toothbrush years in the making.

Your Current Toothbrush

  • Discolored teeth
  • Sore, inflamed, bleeding gums 
  • Foul breath

Oralucent Guaranteed Results

  • Brighter, whiter teeth
  • Healthy, pink gums
  • Fresh breath

“I recommend the Oralucent toothbrush to my patients. As a gum specialist, protecting my patients’ teeth and gums is a top priority. Blue light technology has been shown to kill harmful bacteria that cause gum disease, while simultaneously whitening teeth.”


What makes Oralucent such an oral health breakthrough?

Up until now, it’s been nearly impossible to eradicate the real culprit behind failing gums, bad breath and unsightly teeth: Harmful oral bacteria.

Gentle red and blue LED light arms you with a germ-killing advantage—targeting the bacteria that lead to a deteriorating smile. Light Therapy has the power to clean and soothe every surface in your mouth at a microscopic level, promoting optimal oral health (and much happier dental visits).

Experience the brilliant benefits of brushing with light therapy.

See your smile improve from the inside out.

...A sparkling smile works wonders in boosting wellbeing

Try Oralucent for 30 days, risk free.

If you’re not delighted (like we know you will be), simply return for a full refund—no questions asked.

Special Offer

“The studies are showing how effective light technology is in destroying plaque and bacteria that cause gum disease. Oralucent is the most exciting technology I’ve seen in years.”


Outshines any toothbrush you’ve tried before.

You’ve probably discovered that brushing harder or longer with typical toothbrushes doesn’t get you desired results. They simply dislodge and displace bacteria in your mouth, while pummeling your teeth and gums. Light therapy suppresses bad bacteria, for a fresh-from-the-dentist clean.

Standard Electric Toothbrush

Powered by mechanical force

  • Just moves bacteria around the mouth
  • Doesn’t stimulate the body’s healing properties
  • Can’t reach areas between teeth or below gumline
  • Uses abrasion to scrub topical stains only, not embedded stains

Light Therapy

Powered by gentle light therapy

  • Blue light selectively targets harmful bacteria
  • Red light reduces inflammation and improves circulation
  • Germ-killing light penetrates between teeth and even below the gumline
  • Light and amplifying O2Gel whiten below enamel surface, without abrasion

The science behind the mouth⁠-⁠changing magic of therapeutic blue and red light

It’s already changed the game in skin care. Now, it’s oral care’s turn. The light floods every corner of your mouth, even reaching between teeth and under the gumline—where no toothbrush has gone before.

Blue Light

selectively targets and reduces unfriendly strains of bacteria so the beneficial ones can thrive, while also brightening teeth with a boost from peroxide


they help balance your oral microbiome, providing a smile-saving combo of health and beauty benefits

Red Light

(courtesy of NASA) stimulates healthy circulation and reduces inflammation as it soothes and strengthens gums, by promoting cellular renewal

“I see the significant benefits of blue light technology in a toothbrush – it has been shown to kill harmful bacteria. If teeth are cleaner and have less plaque, inflammation and the chance of decay are reduced.”


Thoughtfully designed for you and your smile.


Oralucent’s soft bristles clean gently, without any “jackhammer” effect (directing light to those hard-to-reach areas...rejoice)


Our LED light is UV free and chemical free. This type of red and blue light has been safely used by dentists for decades.


Patented technology automatically adjusts light from low level to therapeutic intensity while you’re brushing, preventing light from irritating your eyes


Choose between manual or 5 levels of motor speed with the touch of a button, for customizable comfort and control


Comes with a stand that looks great in any bathroom and keeps your counter clean, too


Accelerate whitening and up germ-fighting action with our light-activated O2Gel

Oralucent is the solution for you if you’ve been...

*Wishing for a better way to take back control of your oral health
*Worried about the pain and expense of declining dental health
*Frustrated by a lack of results with products on the market
*Hiding your smile due to discoloration or bad breath

Your future is about to get a whole lot brighter

The smiles—and reviews—are glowing.

No, you haven’t tried everything. Not yet.

Bought everything in the dental aisle and then some? All the brushing and flossing and rinsing in the world can’t target harmful bacteria in the same way as light therapy. This new approach helps to balance your microbiome, the bedrock of oral hygeine, for healthy harmony in your mouth.

Even “antibacterial” products like mouthwashes have their pitfalls, since they wipe out ALL bacteria indiscriminately and can contribute to dry mouth. Light therapy selectively targets harmful bacteria and lets the good thrive. That is why we guarantee that within 30 days or less, your mouth will feel healthier and happier than it’s felt in years.

You’ll adore the way you shine—guaranteed.

Every toothbrush purchase is backed by the Love Your Light Guarantee. If for some reason you aren’t delighted with your results within 30 days, simply send it back for a full refund.

Bring back your most dazzling accessory

You CAN take control of your dental health and revive your shine. It’s as simple as brushing twice a day with Oralucent—the all-in-one, dentist-recommended device that lights the way to optimal oral health.

How much is a healthy, confident smile worth to you?

You deserve to shine with joy and peace of mind. Oralucent lets you do just that, for the cost of the average professional teeth cleaning (and far less than the average dental emergency visit). And with our 30-day risk-free guarantee, you have nothing to lose but sore gums, dingy teeth and less-than-pleasant breath (good riddance to that).

Oralucent  Starter Kit
Oralucent  Starter Kit
Oralucent  Starter Kit - Oralucent
Oralucent  Starter Kit - Oralucent
Oralucent  Starter Kit
Oralucent  Starter Kit - Oralucent
Oralucent  Starter Kit - Oralucent
Oralucent  Starter Kit - Oralucent
Oralucent  Starter Kit
Oralucent  Starter Kit
Oralucent  Starter Kit
Oralucent  Starter Kit - Oralucent
Oralucent  Starter Kit - Oralucent
Oralucent  Starter Kit
Oralucent  Starter Kit - Oralucent
Oralucent  Starter Kit - Oralucent
Oralucent  Starter Kit - Oralucent
Oralucent  Starter Kit
Oralucent  Starter Kit

Oralucent Starter Kit
+ Free O2Gel


"Love how this ingenious brush lights up my smile!"

 --- Kristy S., Verified Customer

Let your brightest and healthiest smile shine with the power of blue and red light therapy combined with powerful sonic cleaning action.


Each kit contains: 

  • Red & Blue Light Therapy Toothbrush
  • 5 Sonic Motor Speeds + Manual Mode
  • Patented Eye Comfort Technology
  • Long-lasting Battery
  • Rapid Charging Station
  • Perio-friendly Brush Head
  • Bonus Gift - 1 oz. O2Gel Booster



Limited Time Introductory Price

Pay in 4 interest-free installments of $44.75 with Shop Pay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shine brighter, for life

Try Oralucent for 30 days, risk free—and keeping smiling radiantly and confidently for years to come

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