Blue Light Technology

What Does It Do?

The Oralucent toothbrush contains patent pending blue light technology that is scientifically proven to kill harmful oral bacteria. Oralucent utilizes the same type of light that is used by dentists for teeth whitening procedures and curing of dental fillings. While blue light is often employed in dental offices to whiten teeth, it takes many visits as well as hours of application to achieve the desired effect. The Oralucent toothbrush, however, provides immediate benefits when used for daily brushings:

  • Kills bacteria that cause gum disease and bad breath
  • Whitens teeth and keeps them white
  • Destroys plaque
  • Helps prevent and even reverse gum disease including gingivitis, bleeding gums, gum pockets and gum sores
  • Decreases tooth sensitivity and inflammation of the gums
  • Promotes overall healthier gums and teeth

The Science of Blue Light

As many as 700 different types of oral bacteria are found in the dental plaque that accumulates on our teeth. While some bacteria are benign or even helpful, others may invade and destroy gum tissue and bone, leading to loss of teeth and potentially infection elsewhere in the body.

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The bacteria associated with gum disease produce toxins, such as volatile sulfide compounds, that are responsible for gingivitis and halitosis. Fortunately, these same bacteria contain a black pigment that is sensitive to light, especially visible light in the blue spectrum. When activated by blue light, a reaction is induced that kills the bacterial microorganism within seconds.

The Oralucent toothbrush produces visible blue light that, importantly is completely safe for humans but still kills harmful bacteria on contact. Daily use of the Oralucent toothbrush selectively suppresses bacteria commonly associated with destructive gum disease. An added benefit: when the proportion of harmful bacteria is reduced, the share of beneficial bacteria increases which helps defend against harmful microbes.

The Oralucent brush was tested in a clinical study at HillTop Research Corporation, a lab where companies like Colgate and Procter & Gamble conduct research. The study showed that the Oralucent toothbrush was killing over 99% of the P. Gingivalis bacteria—a critical finding. This microorganism not only causes gingivitis, but also plaque, gum pockets, cavities and bad breath. Notably, this strain of bacteria cannot be killed with a regular toothbrush or even mouthwash.

Synergistic Effect of Blue Light with Peroxide Toothpaste

Oralucent works best when used in combination with a toothpaste containing peroxide. A large selection of peroxide toothpaste brands are available and can be found at your local drug store. Blue light reacts with peroxide to create oxygen, which whitens the teeth and also kills anaerobic bacteria that can cause tooth decay or gum disease.

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About the Oralucent Toothbrush

While the Oralucent toothbrush may look similar to conventional toothbrushes, there is a world of difference in performance. The Oralucent brush offers significant advantages.

Conventional toothbrushes can only brush the plaque off the tooth surface and nothing more. Thanks to its blue light technology, Oralucent’s advanced toothbrush actively kills the bacteria that form plaque and kills bacteria in places a conventional brush does not reach such as in gum pockets, on the tongue, and on the roof and walls of the mouth. The first day you use it you will notice a big difference in the way your mouth feels. Your teeth will keep that just-brushed feeling all day.

Most dentists recommend brushing your teeth at least twice per day for two minutes. The Oralucent brush makes this easy with a built in two-minute timer to ensure you get the maximum benefit from every brushing.

When used this way, Oralucent is effective at killing the pathogenic bacteria and fungi associated with these common dental problems:

Every Oralucent brush comes with replaceable brush heads—a total of three brush heads with your first purchase. Thereafter, replacement brush heads can be purchased inexpensively as needed.


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