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“Oralucent seems to have put my periodontal disease into complete remission. My periodontist and dentist told me that my gum pockets were ALL within normal limits! This is unheard of for me after years of suffering.”

Diane S.

“Since brushing with Oralucent my wife has not brought the issue of my breath up at all. Not once. Wow! Who needs bad breath? Now, there actually is a solution.”

William T.

“I used to go to my dentist for my teeth whitening treatments. I have been using Oralucent now for a few months, and my teeth stay nice and white without the professional whitening and the other goop and strips”

Alice J.

“I absolutely love the brush! I’m a dental hygienist and I notice that I don’t build up plaque and calculus like I used to!”

Nicole H.

"This is an amazing invention. I used to have pretty significant gum sensitivity. After using this toothbrush every night and day for a few months, it's completely resolved. Light therapy for the win."

Eva S.

"I have purchased 5 Oralucents. First I got one for me. Then, after I used it for a while, I loved it so much that I bought one for my partner. Now I have ordered 3, 4, and 5 for my brothers and their spouses.
The brush is light, the battery lasts for at least 2 weeks (great for travelling without the charger), and the cleaning is far superiro to the Oral B and the Phillips Sonicare that I had before. I definitely feel cleaner and my breath is fresher."

Iris F

"I think this toothbrush is The Best Toothbrush in the world."

Jay J.

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Outshine the Ordinary

  • Unlock the Power of Light

  • Say Hello to Healthy Gums

  • Banish Bad Breath Forever

  • Whiten Your Smile, Softly and Subtly

  • 60 Day GUARANTEE

  • Results you can count on

Light therapy isn’t new, just new to a toothbrush. The therapeutic effects of red and blue light have been known and used in dental offices for decades. We’ve simply harnessed them into a home device that benefits you twice a day, every day.

This innovative light therapy combo works in synergy to eliminate harmful bacteria, reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, and break up stubborn stains, all while being gentle on your teeth and gums.

See the Evidence: Light Therapy Studies

Oralucent takes deep cleaning to a new level with its advanced blue and red light therapy technology. Blue light travels easily to hard-to-reach areas, penetrating between teeth and under the gum line to target harmful bacteria - the very source of gingivitis, periodontitis, inflammation, bleeding, and recession.

Simultaneously, red light joins in to soothe and strengthen gums, stimulating circulation and cellular renewal - a benefit proven by NASA research. This powerful combination promotes a balanced oral microbiome and optimizes gum health, helping to prevent gum disease and ensure long-lasting freshness.

Learn about optimizing gum health

Light makes it easy to eliminate the compounds that produce odors all over the mouth and tongue. The power of light does the dirty work twice daily - breaking up build-up that leads to bad breath.

When blue light and peroxide meet, oxygen is released - amplifying whitening and germ-fighting powers and lifting layers of stains off your teeth, even those below the surface. For the most luminous results, apply O2Gel to your Oralucent toothbrush alongside your favorite toothpaste.

Discover the life-changing benefits of Oralucent's cutting-edge light therapy technology, risk-free for 60 days. If you're not thrilled by the results – fresher breath, healthier gums, and gradually whitened teeth – return your device for a full refund.

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Inspired by Harvard-affliated dental research and numerous phototherapy studies over the past decades, our multi-patented technology is elevating oral self care through science. Our smile success stories feature real people, real experiences and real results.


Is Oralucent safe?

Visible spectrum light technology is safe and natural - and has been used in dental offices for decades. Oralucent has built-in patented Eye Comfort technology. Light intensifies to therapeutic levels while you are brushing and adjusts to low level once you stop - eliminating eye discomfort from bright light.

I've seen blue light toothbrushes. What makes yours so special?

Oralucent is the only toothbrush which harnesses the perfect balance of blue and red light wavelengths to revolutionize your oral health. After 8 years of meticulous research and development, our team of expert engineers and renowned dentists has created the ultimate light therapy device that outshines all others.

We've also incorporated the finest features for complete comfort and control - like our patented Eye Comfort technology, the ability to select your ideal speed or use in manual mode, and option to boost results with our light-activated O2Gel.

Can I use the brush without the motor?

Comfort and control is in your hands - with 5 sonic speed levels and an optional manual mode. In the manual setting, you still receive all the benefits of red and blue light therapy. Sonic cleaning action can be added at any time.

How many shades of whitening can I expect and how long will it take to see results?

The number of shades will vary depending on a variety of factors, including your starting point, how often and how you use. If you brush for 2 minutes 2 x per day, you can expect to see results within 10 days. Adding light-activated O2Gel accelerates. We encourage you to take your own pictures, so you can track your improving luminosity.

Is Oralucent safe for dental work/crowns/braces?Work?

Whether you have dental work, crowns, or braces, Oralucent is the perfect choice for maintaining optimal oral health.

Our advanced light therapy technology penetrates deep into the crevices and hard-to-reach areas that ordinary toothbrushes often miss, making it the perfect choice to keep your mouth clean.

Can I use FSA/HSA/HRA funds for my toothbrush?

Ask your dental professional if they’ll complete a Letter of Medical Necessity for you to use Oralucent as part of your treatment plan.

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