Professional-Level Phototherapy

Light therapy isn’t new, just new to a toothbrush. The therapeutic effects of red and blue light have been known and used in dental offices for decades. We’ve simply harnessed them into a home device that benefits you twice a day, every day.




  • Oral Health: A Gateway to Overall Health

Blue light targets and kills the strains of bacteria that can lead to harm—the very source of gum tissue deterioration, tooth decay and bad breath.

It also has the unique ability to easily travel through enamel - gently breaking up stains even under the surface of your teeth.

When combined with toothpaste and gel containing peroxides- such as Oralucent O2Gel - the whitening and germ-fighting effects are accelerated.

Blue Light Studies

LED red light therapy has been proven by NASA scientists to promote wound healing. Now, its cell-renewing powers are used in all kinds of advanced medical and cosmetic applications.

Dentists are using red light to:

  • Reduce teeth sensitivity
  • Heal inflammation
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Stimulate the growth of gum tissue and bone.
Red Light Studies

It took years of research and development to discover the ideal convergence of blue and red light wavelengths. Now it's possible to selectively target the bad bacteria, so beneficial bacteria survive and thrive.

The connection between oral health and systemic diseases is increasingly recognized in medical and dental research.

Oral Health Studies

Blue Light + Peroxide

The Power Couple. When blue light meets peroxide, the oxygen released goes far beyond whitening - into deep cleaning and breath freshening. This dentist-developed synergistic formulation boosts whitening and germ-fighting power - at the microscopic level.  For optimal results, apply O2Gel to your Oralucent toothbrush alongside your favorite toothpaste.

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How many shades of whitening can I expect and how long will it take to see results?

The number of shades will vary depending on a variety of factors, including your starting point, how often and how you use. If you brush for 2 minutes 2 x per day, you can expect to see results within 10 days. Adding light-activated O2Gel accelerates. We encourage you to take your own pictures, so you can track your improving luminosity.

Is Oralucent safe?

Visible spectrum light technology is safe and natural - and has been used in dental offices for decades. Oralucent has built-in patented Eye Comfort technology. Light intensifies to therapeutic levels while you are brushing and
adjusts to low level once you stop - eliminating eye discomfort from bright light.

I've seen blue light toothbrushes. What makes yours so special?

It's true - ours outshines all others. Our dedicated team of engineers and dentists poured 8 years of research and development into discovering this perfect combination of blue and red light wavelengths and intensity.

We've also incorporated the finest features for complete comfort and control - like our patented Eye Comfort technology, the ability to select your ideal speed or use in manual mode, and option to boost results with our light-activated O2Gel.

Can I use the brush without the motor?

You can choose from 6 motor speeds, including a manual
mode.  With the manual mode, you can have
all the benefits of the red and blue light technology without the sonic motor.

Is Oralucent safe for Crowns/Braces/Dental Work?

Oralucent is certainly recommended for dental work, crowns and braces. The blue light is able to reach places that no traditional toothbrush can, targeting harmful bacteria while whitening teeth and freshening breath.