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Why Oralucent Is “Light Years” Ahead

Oral health is the gateway to overall body health and with the revolutionary technology incorporated into the Oralucent toothbrush, it is now possible to “brush away” many common dental problems. The future of dental hygiene is here and it is bright!

The Evolution of the Toothbrush
  • Natural

    3,500 BC

  • Manual


  • Electric


  • Sonic




3500 - 3000 BC


The Limitations of a Mechanical Toothbrush

The toothbrush was invented thousands of years ago and remains the cornerstone of personal oral care. While many technological improvements have been made over the years, such as soft nylon bristles, ergonomic designs and motorized oscillation of the brush head, the basic concept has changed little. Cleaning your teeth is a combination of mechanical friction and toothpaste chemistry, until now.


Bristles sweep away plaque and accumulated bacteria on exposed teeth surfaces, but even the best power toothbrush cannot clean areas where the toothbrush makes no contact such as between the teeth, below the gum line and around the tongue.

Consequently, the CDC estimates that 50% of adults have gum disease and that figure rises to more than 70% over age 65. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults and is linked to several systemic health issues including; heart disease, cancer, COPD, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, IBS, and arthritis.


Though a toothbrush combined with a whitening toothpaste can rub away topical stains on a tooth, it has no effect on the major cause of stains, namely embedded pigments below the surface of the enamel.

Today, teeth whitening is achieved through expensive and time-consuming treatments such as bleaching trays and OTC whitening strips that can cause sensitivity, damage gums and enamel and only offer temporary results.



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Blue Light and Red Light Combine to Optimize Oral Health


* whitens

* targets + kills
bad bacteria

* freshens


* Reduces

* increases

* improves gum

Blue Light Phototherapy

Blue light phototherapy has been used safely and effectively in dental offices for decades.

Antimicrobial Therapy

While blue light is well-known for its teeth whitening properties, many people are unaware that visible blue light is also used in many antimicrobial therapies including acne treatment, wound healing, sanitation and even against antibiotic resistant bacteria like MRSA.

Dental researchers have demonstrated in at least 16 clinical and scientific studies, the ability of visible blue light to eradicate specific strains of harmful anaerobic bacteria with efficacy being dependent on the blue light intensity, wavelength used and length of exposure. In-vivo human studies show that daily use of blue light in the mouth provides continuous suppression of pathogenic oral bacteria and results appear to be cumulative over time. This includes suppression of pathogenic bacteria such as; porphyromonas gingivalis, fusobacterium nucleatum, and prevotella intermedia that are responsible for plaque, bad breath and gum disease, including gingivitis and periodontal disease. Furthermore, phototherapy studies showed that blue light suppresses specific strains of bacteria known to produce volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) the odorous substance that leads to bad breath and halitosis.

P. Gingivalis
F. Nucleatum
T. Intermedia
The Oral Microbiome

The human mouth contains nearly 700 known species of bacteria. Typically, a human adult will have about 200 species. Many of these strains are beneficial bacteria (probiotics) such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria that serve vital roles including immune and digestive support. Only about 3% of species are considered harmful (pathologic) that if left unchecked can invade and destroy gum tissue and bone, leading to tooth loss and potentially infection elsewhere in the body.

One of the interesting advantages of blue light phototherapy over bactericides like mouthwashes and antibiotics, is that phototherapy selectively targets the harmful bacteria implicated in infections. These carnivorous bacteria’s metabolic process is based on an iron-based pigment called a porphyrin; the iron having been obtained from food sources such as their hosts blood. This pigment makes these bacteria vulnerable to visible light in the blue spectrum. Specific wavelengths resonate porphyrins to selectively destroy only these pigmented strains of bacteria while leaving helpful probiotics unharmed. Conversely, mouthwashes and antibiotics wipe out all bacteria indiscriminately and over time this can lead to an even greater imbalance in the oral flora, and more dental problems. Blue light studies indicate that as pathogenic bacteria are suppressed, the share of beneficial bacteria increases which may improve the body's immune defense against harmful microbes by allowing good bacteria to thrive and rebalance the oral microbiome.

Visible Blue Light Kills Vampire Bugs
The Synergistic Effect of Blue Light and Peroxide Toothpaste

Oralucent works best when used in combination with a toothpaste and/or gel that contains peroxide. Oralucent's O2PAL light-activated gel has been dentist formulated to boost effects synergistically, but other peroxide toothpastes and gels are also readily available at drug stores nationwide. Blue light reacts with peroxide, releasing oxygen which whitens teeth and kills anaerobic bacteria that can cause tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.

Red and Infrared Light Phototherapy

Much like blue light, low-level red and infrared phototherapy is a natural, non-invasive method that has been studied extensively for a wide variety of applications. Red light’s beneficial effects stem through a complex but well understood process that stimulates cellular energy generation through ATP synthesis. Red light has a biphasic dose response, meaning that lower doses give a good effect, while higher doses show diminishing returns. At lower doses red light has no side effects, is safe and painless.

Red light’s benefits have been studied for dental therapy applications including reducing teeth sensitivity, reducing inflammation, increasing blood circulation, and stimulating regrowth of gum tissue and bone growth.

Thanks to rapid advances in LED technology, and our proprietary eye comfort technology, the same type of therapeutic blue and red light used in dental offices is now available every time you brush your teeth.

The Oralucent Advantage

Unlike a standard mechanical toothbrush, Oralucent emits a specific wavelength and intensity of blue and red light carefully chosen by our team of scientists, dentists and engineers. Oralucent delivers multiple benefits every time you brush your teeth.

Whitens Teeth and Keeps Them White

Blue light is known to whiten teeth especially when combined with peroxide toothpastes and gels. Everyday gentle whitening occurs gradually every time you brush without sensitivity and expensive time-consuming treatments.

Deeper Clean for Less Plaque

Soft gum-friendly bristles are shaped to reach between your teeth and remove embedded plaque. Red and blue light illuminates the tips of the transparent bristles, targeting hard-to-reach areas between the teeth and even below the gum-line. Because tooth enamel is translucent, it conducts light to areas a conventional toothbrush simply cannot reach.

Fresher Breath, Every Time You Brush

Less plaque means fresher breath and the perio-friendly bristles provide a deep mechanical clean, especially when powered by sonic action. Blue light reaches areas that bristles don’t touch, including the surface of the tongue.

Improves Gum Health

The soft outer bristles give your gumline a gentle clean. Blue and red light shine through enamel and penetrate below the gumline. Daily brushing of at least twice per day for 2 minutes each, as recommended by the ADA, helps prevent gum disease and can even reverse gingivitis.

Sonic Action

Blast off the plaque with a customizable power setting. Choose a gentle setting for sensitive teeth and gums, a powerful setting for faster results or anywhere in between.

Optional Manual Mode

If you prefer to use a manual toothbrush, use Oralucent in manual mode. The brush can be used without the motor as the blue and red light comes on when the toothbrush detects you are brushing your teeth even when the motor is not activated.


The toothbrush motor and lights run off a single battery which can easily be recharged by docking the handle into the provided USB powered charging cradle. The toothbrush will typically operate for at least 14 days on a single charge.


The Oralucent toothbrush provides immediate benefits that go far beyond daily whitening and cleaning with zero inconvenience or change to your daily brushing habits.

Eye Comfort Technology

No one wants to stare at a bright light while brushing their teeth. Though completely safe at low levels, blue light can be especially annoying when you are drowsy and performing your morning and bedtime brushing ritual. Our patented eye comfort light activation turns on the light gradually when the brush is placed in the mouth and shuts off instantly when the brush is removed so the light doesn’t shine directly into your eyes. Our light exceeds all of the safety standards set by ANSI and IEC.

Take Charge of Your Optimal Oral Hygiene

Using Oralucent can provide exponential benefits ... all in the time you brush. After the first week of using Oralucent you will notice a big difference in how you mouth feels, guaranteed! Your mouth will keep that fresh feeling all day long.

Studies are proving that the mouth is the gateway to overall health, so for those who would like to increase benefits even more, Oralucent continues to shine if kept in the mouth for up to 4 minutes per session.

The path to healthier gums and whiter teeth is now illuminated. Simply brush as you normally do and reap the rewards of all the added health & beauty benefits. That's reason to smile - Confidently!

The American Dental Association recommends replacing brush heads every 3 months. We offer an auto-ship program for ease and convenience. Your new brush heads will be delivered to your doorstep on schedule. Auto-ship frequency can be changed or cancelled at any time.

Carol Alvarado, DDS, RDH, RDA
Art Laos, DDS
Renee Burlin, RDH