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Gum disease has become a universal problem among adults—an issue often resulting in serious health consequences (and far too many hidden smiles). Thankfully, powerful yet gentle red + blue light therapy is changing the face of oral self care. Advanced light technology has the unique abilty to selectively target and eliminate the specific bacteria that wreak havoc on gum tissue and teeth.

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Blue light wavelengths target the light-sensitive pathogenic germs associated with common dental problems such as gum diseasebad breath, and tooth decay. These include:


A decaying smile isn't simply an outcome of growing older. The real problem is harmful oral bacteria going unchecked in your mouth and throwing off the healthy balance.
This is where you need to focus your efforts to shine like new again.

It’s not your age . . . it’s bad bacteria linked to 8 out of 10 leading causes of mortality, including heart disease, Alzheimers, diabetes, cancer, and COPD. You want to knock them out, stat.

Restore your oral health

Today it's easy to turn around gingivitis, periodontitis, inflammation, bleeding, and receding gums. Oralucent makes it brilliantly simple to bring back your healthiest gums and teeth. For the cost of the average professional teeth cleaning, discover what a little light can do. Experience that fresh-from-the-dentist feeling every time you brush. You'll love the way you shine - guaranteed.

The brilliant breakthrough

Up until now, it’s been nearly impossible to eradicate the real culprit behind failing gums, bad breath, and unsightly teeth: microscopic pathogenic bacteria.

Dentist-developed gentle red and blue LED light arms you with the germ-killing advantage—targeting and troubleshooting those harmful bacteria that lead to a deteriorating smile- soothing and strengthening gums along the way.

The world's most advanced oral self care is here - and the future is very bright.

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tech specs

Let your brightest and healthiest smile shine with the power of blue & red light therapy and sonic cleaning action.

Included in the box

Oralucent toothbrush handle with built-in red and blue LED light
Replaceable brush head
USB charging cable
Wall charging plug with USB port
Charging base
User manual
1 oz • 30 ml Oralucent light-activated amplifying O2Gel


Eye comfort technology

Manual or sonic mode option

Blue and red light technology

Customizable motor speed

Gentle bristles

Detachable charging cord


Long-lasting rechargeable battery. A full charge lasts at least one week- with 2 minutes of brushing 2 x per day.

User Guide

Quick Start

Customizing Speed


How many shades of whitening can I expect and how long will it take to see results?

The number of shades will vary depending on a variety of factors, including your starting point, how often and how you use. If you brush for 2 minutes 2 x per day, you can expect to see results within 10 days. Adding light-activated O2Gel accelerates. We encourage you to take your own pictures, so you can track your improving luminosity.

Is Oralucent safe?

Visible spectrum light technology is safe and natural - and has been used in dental offices for decades. Oralucent has built-in patented Eye Comfort technology. Light intensifies to therapeutic levels while you are brushing and
adjusts to low level once you stop - eliminating eye discomfort from bright light.

I've seen blue light toothbrushes. What makes yours so special?

It's true - ours outshines all others. Our dedicated team of engineers and dentists poured 8 years of research and development into discovering this perfect combination of blue and red light wavelengths and intensity.

We've also incorporated the finest features for complete comfort and control - like our patented Eye Comfort technology, the ability to select your ideal speed or use in manual mode, and option to boost results with our light-activated O2Gel.

Can I use the brush without the motor?

Comfort and control is yours - with 5 sonic speed levels and and an optional manual mode.  In manual mode, you still receive all the benefits of red and blue light technology. Sonic cleaning action can be added at any time.

Is Oralucent safe for Dental Work/Crowns/Braces?

Oralucent is ideal for braces and crowns and dental work. Light technology travels to places unreachable by traditional toothbrushes - targeting harmful bacteria while whitening teeth and freshening breath.