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Teeth Whitening Calculator Predicts Shade Results and Cost

Although teeth whitening has been popular for decades, you may have some basic questions about popular teeth whitening treatments. Questions regarding expected shade lightening results, costs for the various methods, and what kind of time commitment to expect, for example. So we developed a free online teeth whitening estimator to help provide the answers.

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How to Use the Teeth Whitening Calculator

The calculator starts with default values that can be easily adjusted following the steps below:

  1. Select a shade guide from the drop-down menu: Vita Bleachedguide 3D-Master, Vita Classical or the Trubyte Bioform Color Ordered shade guide.
  2. Select a type of treatment from the treatment drop-down menu: whitening strips, overnight bleaching trays, daytime bleaching trays or in-chair dentist bleaching treatment.
  3. Adjust the number of treatment doses you plan to administer by pressing the up arrow ^ or v down arrow.
  4. Scroll through the pictures of the shades to find the closet match to your initial shade by using the left arrow < to select a light shade or right arrow > to select a darker shade. You may want to ask your dentist, dental assistant, of dental hygienist for assistance in helping you make this initial determination.
How to Interpret Your Results

Detailed results are provided in four ways.

  • Future Shade – is an image of what your teeth are expected to look like after undergoing the complete course of planned treatment doses.
  • Cost – is the typical cost based on treatment type, the average retail price of this type of treatment and number of doses. Visit our article on costs to learn more.
  • Days – is the minimum number of days of treatment assuming the maximum recommended dosage schedule, typically 1 or 2 doses per day depending on the type of treatment.
  • Shades – is the estimated number of shades of lightening according to the selected shade guide and treatment plan.
Estimation Methodology

New products that promise superior results are constantly emerging. However, it is a known fact that the efficacy of dental bleaching depends predominantly on time and the concentration of the bleaching ingredient, typically either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The calculator uses data from a meta-analysis of nine peer-reviewed clinical studies to calculate the expected lightening of teeth shades using popular dental bleaching methods. The calculated shade lightening is based on the average improvement observed in multiple studies each involving at least 20 subjects, though significant variations were also observed during these studies. Actual results may vary from predicted results. Treatment may yield lighter or darker shades depending on several factors such as the type of stain, initial tooth color, and your age.

Shade Guides

The measurement of shade improvement is quite confusing to many consumers and even some dental professionals. Much of this stems from a lack of industry standards and the plethora of proprietary shade guide systems used to define teeth shades. Furthermore, most shade guides account for natural variations in chroma and hue when actually, only lightness is substantially influenced through the bleaching process. Our calculator uses a conversion factor to adjust for variations across three popular shade guides.


We hope you found our teeth whitening calculator useful and enjoyable. We are always open to suggestions or comments. Please leave us a message if you would like us to make improvements.