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Affiliate Program

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Get 10% recurring commissions

You will receive 10% of any product (including replacement brush heads) 

that your referrals buy at any time.


commission per referral


day referral tracking

How to become an Oralucent Affiliate


It's as easy as 1-2-3 to create a partner account

How do I get my rewards?

We will automatically attribute your rewards to your Oralucent account once your referrals have made a purchase. Make sure to also inform your referrals to use the same email for purchasing the product as they do when signing up for your referral link to make sure you get credit!

Simply share with your network so they can benefit from this brilliant breakthrough brush

"This magic wand makes teeth feel as if they have been cleaned by a hygienist! My teeth feel cleaner for longer. Pockets that I had previous are smaller and or gone."


"I was skeptical of this product when I first bought it. After the first time I brushed with it, however, I can truly say I felt a clear difference from any other toothbrush I’ve ever used. "

Maria V. - Charlotte, NC

"This product really works. I have seen a significant improvement in the white color of my teeth in the month that I’ve been using it.  I definitely recommend this for the price and the quality. Awesome oral hygiene product."

Steve T. - Sacramento, CA

Frequently asked questions

How do I get paid?

You can cash out on your earnings after you have reached a minimum of $50 earned. You can set up your payment method of choice in your affiliate account. We currently have PayPal set up as the default payment method, but if you have a preference for another service, let us know and we will enable alternative options for you. 

How do you track my referrals?

You can track your referral activity along with your earnings in your affiliate dashboard.

How often will I get paid?

You can get paid any time as long as you have a minimum of $50 of affiliate earnings. We also have a hold time of 15 days on all commission to verify their validity, so make sure to wait 15 days before trying to withdraw earnings from your account. 

Can I run ads promoting my referral link?

You may not run paid advertisements promoting your affiliation with the ambassador program. Also, you may not target Oralucent brand terms, keywords, or placements.